Warm Bamboo Massage


Couch, chair or reclining chair



Loose and comfortable or underwear depending on areas treated



30 - 90 minutes



£25 - £65 depending on duration


Massage using wooden sticks is an ancient style of massage therapy that incorporates Chinese principles and philosophy.


Bamboo Massage uses different sized and shaped wooden sticks combined with gentle movements and deep sliding and compression moves. This can specifically help with releasing congested muscles which has the added benefit of relaxing the nervous system. 


The compression moves work deeply, instantly correcting the most congested areas. The treatment not only directly deals with the problem areas, but also affects the whole metabolism. It helps the body to balance itself by normalizing the circulatory, muscular and nervous sytems. It can benefit many health problems which arise from stress and induces a wonderful state of relaxation by loosening the deep layers of tight muscles.


Bamboo Massage is a safe and effective way of helping with stress management. It can also be beneficial in helping to relieve the physical symptoms that arise from that including muscular tension and pain, muscle spasms in the back, neck, shoulders and legs providing better joint movement.


If you're looking to take your body and mind away from the daily tensions we all accumulate, then a Warm Bamboo Massage comes highly recommended from my clients.



What does it feel like?

For me the treatment feels like being rolled out like warm pastry! The warmth from the bamboo is deeply relaxing and induces a great sense of calm. Clients have said it feels as though their tension is being melted away.


I'm body shy and new to massage, do I have to take my clothes off?!

Whilst warm bamboo is mostly used in conjunction with a traditional body massage, it also can also be used to great effect combined with clothed, seated massage or Indian head massage or even reflexology. The beneficial warming effects can be very much enjoyed through loose clothing.


How is the bamboo heated?

The bamboo sticks are heated to a safe temperaure using a specially designed electrically heated bag. The wooden sticks are warm, but not hot. I'm handling them myself and will always check the temperature is comfortable for you throughout the treatment.

If you have any questions or would like to book, I'm always happy to help!

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