Warm Himalayan Salt Stone and Basalt Massage


Couch or chair




30 - 90 minutes




£25 - £65 depending on duration

References to a variety of stone therapies can be found in many cultures including those in India, Asia, Japan and Hawaii.

These d
ate back thousands of years, and whilst the details vary, treatments commonly include using warmed stones and massage techniques to encourage healing and wellbeing on many levels.



This innovative western treatment uses a combination of heated Himalayan salt stones together with the more common basalt stones. These are used in conjunction with a variety of traditional massage techniques such as gliding, light and deep compression, wringing and stretching. Stones can also be placed in particular areas of tension and left to "work their magic"! The treatment works deep within the layers of muscular tissue and it is estimated that one stroke of a heated stone can be as effective as ten strokes of the hand.

Himalayan salt is the cleanest and most beneficial salt available and originates from the ancient primal sea deep beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The salt massage stones are used to gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants. The therapeutic properties of Himalayan salt help to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians (energy lines) Some of the stones can retain a natural texture which can also provide the added benefit of gentle exfoliation if required.

The combination of warm Himalayan salt and basalt stones works deeply, quickly correcting the most congested areas of muscular tissue. The benefits extend far beyond the problem area by affecting the whole metabolism. During the treatment the body is encouraged to balance itself as the circulatory, muscular and nervous sytems are normalised. The different properties and combination of textures provided by using both types of stone create a wonderfully relaxing and cleansing experience.

There are benefits for many health issues including - muscular tension, joint pain, digestive disorders, stress-related symptoms, anxiety, inflammation, headaches, sleep difficulties and menstrual pain. 

This treatment is definitely a step-up from the more common hot basalt stone massage and the cosy experience is rapidly gaining popularity as the colder weather approaches!

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