Couch or reclining chair


Comfortable clothing which can be rolled to the knee


30 - 60 minutes


£25 - £45 depending on duration

It is thought the earliest evidence of reflexology appears in the Physician's Tomb in Saqqara, Egypt (2500BC) and it is believed to have arrived in Europe during the Dark Ages.


Reflexology uses specific pressure techniques to work precise reflex points, most commonly on the feet, but also on the hands. These reflexes are like a map of the body and relate to every organ, gland and body part. By treating them we can help to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms, which enable the body's systems to rebalance themselves more effectively.


Reflexology can play a major role in balancing our bodies and attaining and maintaining better health. It may be useful in helping specific conditions together with encouraging efficient nutritional absorption and toxin elimination. Because of the balancing and relaxing effect on the body, reflexology is found by many to be an effective, natural way of reducing stress related symptoms such as insomnia, headache, skin conditions, digestive disorders and back pain.


I hate my feet and I'm ticklish!!

We are all different and so are our feet. They can reflect a lifetime of events. This is a holistic treatment and therefore can help your feet too! Treatments can be carried out on hands, feet or a combination. The pressure used is very specific and so rarely tickles!


Will it affect my medication?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and can be carried out in conjunction with prescribed medications. Please tell the therapist if you are taking medication to ensure it is appropriate and safe for you.


I have a verrucca / wart / eczema etc!

We can all suffer with foot complaints from time to time. Don't be embarrassed, I can happily see your feet, warts and all!

If you have any questions or would like to book, I'm always happy to help!

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