Indian Head Massage




Loose fitting


30 - 60 minutes


£25 - £45 depending on duration

Indian Head Massage has been part of Indian life for thousands of years. It is used to encourage the conditions necessary to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Modern Western massage techniques have evolved from traditional family rituals and a variety of soothing and invigorating techniques are used. These cover not only the head and face, but other areas prone to stress such as the neck, arms and shoulders.

Indian Head Massage may improve scalp, skin and hair condition, help to relieve postural discomfort, relieve muscular tension, increase flexibility, facilitate efficient toxin elimination, reduce stress levels, improve sleep disorders, improve concentration, and encourage mood elevation.

How it works

The treatment has a number of physical effects on the body, it is effective because it:

Increases blood and lymphatic flow to the head, neck and shoulders 

nourishing tissues, encouraging healing and stimulating our immune system


Relaxes muscles and decreases tissue inflammation

increasing flexibility, mobility and relieving pain


Improves circulation to the scalp 

encouraging healthy hair growth and improving skin condition


Increases Oxygen supply to the brain 

promoting clearer thinking, improving concentration and helping to relieve mental fatigue


Stimulates endorphins, the brain's happy chemicals!

elevating the mood and helping to relieve pain and emotional stress

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